Not betraying the old tradition, we confidently declare: the 8-th Clash of the Agrotitans WILL BE !!!

Ukraine's largest practical demonstration of agricultural machinery and technology in the field - Clash of the Agrotitans will take place for the eighth time on the fields of TAK-Agro in September 2020. Invariable organizers of the event: Ukrainian Agri Council, agro-consulting company DYKUN and group of companies "TAK".

Clash of the Agrotitans is designed for farmers who want to test the capabilities of the machinery, see the results of fertilizers' and PPPs'  application, evaluate the yield of hybrids and choose the best options. So, this event is for you!

8-th Clash of the Agrotitans = 8 powerful demonstration zones:

  • Exhibition zone (including demonstration of hybrids by seed companies).
  • Zone of ​​agro-chemical treated plots, companies of sowing machinery.
  • Сombines, harvesters, grain hoppers, grain trucks, mulchers, roller choppers.
  • Seed drills, sowing machines.
  • Spraying machines, fertilizer spreaders.
  • Soil cultivation zone (with vertical slice of the soil to the depth of cultivation).
  • Loader demonstration area.
  • Test drive zone for cars (2 lanes of field obstacles).

Not only machinery, fertilizer or seed companies, but also banks, logistics companies, manufacturers of oil, tires and other goods and services will take part in the clash for the interest of farmers. In addition to the eventful practical part of the 8-th Clash of the Agrotitans the guests will also have time for fun: prize drawing, concert program, communication with colleagues and much more.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the event that has the image of the largest and most steep event in Ukraine for demonstration of agricultural machinery at work! Visit the 8-th Clash of the Agrotitans, because your machinery is already waiting for you!


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The organizers of the exhibition-demonstration of machinery and technologies "Clash of the Agrotitans" are the Public Union "Ukrainian Agri Council" and agro-consulting company "DYKUN"

Becoming a partner, you get a wide range of marketing options: placement of logo on the materials of the event, handouts in the package of the participant, exhibition space, newsletters to participants and much more. All details can be clarified with the manager of the "Clash of the Agrotitans" by phone +38 (067) 470-82-06.

You can fill out the application form on the site "Clash of the Agrotitans" in the section "Become a partner". You can also become a partner by contacting the event manager at +38 (067) 470-82-06.

You can fill out the application form on the site "Clash of the Agrotitans" in the section "Become a visitor". You can also become a visitor by contacting the event manager by phone +38 (067) 470-55-63.


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