Clash of the Agrotitans (Khmelnytskyi region)


The largest exhibition-demonstration of machinery and technology in the field "Clash of the Agrotitans" took place on August 19 on the fields of the farm "Perlyna Podillia" (Bilohiria, Shepetivka district, Khmelnytskyi region) for the first time. Organizers are Ukrainian Agri Council and Perlyna Podillya LLC.


  • 1350 participants from 20 regions of Ukraine;
  • about 500 agricultural enterprises at one location;
  • almost 1000 farmers;
  • 350 units of machinery (100 of which are in demonstration);
  • 72 partner companies;
  • 24 cars in a test drive;
  • 34 hybrids of corn;
  • 25 hybrids of sunflower;
  • 5 varieties of soybeans.

7 thematic zones worked for visitors during the day, where about 350 units of machinery were presented - 100 in demonstration and 250 units in statics. As well as a zone of sunflower and corn hybrids from leading companies, demofields of agrochemical partners, practical solutions for precision farming, fuels and lubricants, banking structures with the best credit conditions for farmers, a test drive zone of iconic cars, etc.

In addition to the rich practical part, the guests were offered prizes from partners, a concert program and communication with colleagues!

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The organizers of the exhibition-demonstration of machinery and technologies "Clash of the Agrotitans" are the Public Union "Ukrainian Agri Council" and agro-consulting company "DYKUN"

Becoming a partner, you get a wide range of marketing options: placement of logo on the materials of the event, handouts in the package of the participant, exhibition space, newsletters to participants and much more. All details can be clarified with the manager of the "Clash of the Agrotitans" by phone +38 (067) 470-82-06.

You can fill out the application form on the site "Clash of the Agrotitans" in the section "Become a partner". You can also become a partner by contacting the event manager at +38 (067) 470-82-06.

You can fill out the application form on the site "Clash of the Agrotitans" in the section "Become a visitor". You can also become a visitor by contacting the event manager by phone +38 (067) 470-55-63.


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