Traditionally, in September, all farmers of Ukraine go to Tetiiv to appraise and to see the latest achievements in farm machinery, technologies in field conditions with their own eyes and this year isn't an exception.

The 5th annual exhibition-demonstration of the farm machinery in operation will take place on September 7-8 on the basis of group of companies "TAK" and will rally together progressive farmers.

Display of the farm machinery will be carried out within six permanent demonstration zones: the I zone - plows and deep tillers; the II zone - seed drills; the III zone - spraying machines and spreaders; the IV zone - harrows and cultivators; the V zone - corn hybrids; the VI zone - combines, harvesters, bunkers and grain hoppers.


  • more than 1500 visitors in two days
  • about 100 pieces of farm machinery in operation: not only novelties, but also well recommended leaders
  • 4 purposeful displays of the farm machinery according to the wishes of farmers
  • individual displays
  • large-scale exhibition area and recreation areas
  • offering special conditions and discounts for acquisition of partner companies products
  • video lessons and master classes from the companies
  • test drive and cars exposition
  • establishment of agrarian records

"In 2016 "CLASH OF THE AGROTITANS" has brought together more than 1500 participants and 70 partner companies. 32 pieces of farming equipment have been sold and 43 acts of purchase and sale have been signed within two days of the exhibition. This year promises to be more ambitious", − organizers say.

"CLASH OF THE AGROTITANS" gives the opportunity to put everyone in equal conditions and to see the main players of the farm machinery market on the one field. This event allows not only to get acquainted with technical characteristics of farm machinery, but also to hear responses of people who has already used it on the fields.

Register yourself as a participant of "CLASH OF THE AGROTITANS" and do not miss the opportunity to attend the event personally.


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The organizers of the exhibition-demonstration of machinery and technologies "Clash of the Agrotitans" are the Public Union "Ukrainian Agri Council" and agro-consulting company "DYKUN"

Becoming a partner, you get a wide range of marketing options: placement of logo on the materials of the event, handouts in the package of the participant, exhibition space, newsletters to participants and much more. All details can be clarified with the manager of the "Clash of the Agrotitans" by phone +38 (067) 470-82-06.

You can fill out the application form on the site "Clash of the Agrotitans" in the section "Become a partner". You can also become a partner by contacting the event manager at +38 (067) 470-82-06.

You can fill out the application form on the site "Clash of the Agrotitans" in the section "Become a visitor". You can also become a visitor by contacting the event manager by phone +38 (067) 470-55-63.