08:00-10:00 Registration of participants. The work of the exhibition. Auto Test Drive. Overview of the area of ​​sunflower and corn hybrids, areas of agrochemical partners. Quiz. Creative song performances
09:20-09:50 Work of the individual zone of general partner KUN
10:00-12:00 I demonstration of machinery (Zones: Sprayers and spreaders; Combines, harvesters, bunkers, mulchers)
12:00-12:30 Welcome speech by the organizers. The work of the exhibition. Auto Test Drive
12:30-15:10 II demonstration of machinery (Zones: Seeder, sowing complexes; Plows, deep tillers; Harrows, cultivators)
15:10-16:00 The work of the exhibition. Individual demonstrations of machinery in all areas. Auto Test Drive. Quiz. Creative song performances
16:00-16:30 Closing of the exhibition-demonstration